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Why Safety Precautions Must Be Strict When Using Concrete Sealers

14 February 2019

Concrete flooring is ideal for the interior and exterior areas of your property when it is installed correctly. Part of the installation should include an application of a durable sealer to help it retain its ideal appearance and condition. High-quality sealers, such as the ones from Auseal-Curite, require professional application to ensure that there unforeseen issues during the process. All professionals need to take strict precautions when handling these sealers for the following reasons.

Our Concrete Sealers Are Flammable

Our concrete sealer liquid is flammable as is any vapour from them that mixes with the air. Never use in the presence of fire, electrical equipment or anything else that cause ignition, such as a lit cigarette. Always prepare the area before opening the sealer container to ensure that it is free from these ignition sources.

Inhaling the Vapours of Our Sealers Can Cause Respiratory Issues or Sensitisation

Proper ventilation should be in the area of application whenever possible since inhaling the vapours or fumes of our concrete sealers can cause respiratory issues or a condition called sensitisation. Sensitisation makes the body respond to certain stimuli in a highly sensitive fashion.

Contact with Skin Is Not Advisable

We advice all professionals to wear protective clothing and gloves to keep the sealer from contacting the skin. Your skin can suffer irritations when this occurs that range from mild to quite serious. Wash off the sealer immediately if accidental contact occurs to prevent issues from happening if at all possible.

Protective Eyewear Is a Must

As with any strong chemical solution, you must wear protective eyewear. Eyes are easy to harm if any of the solution gets in them. Even though you know to be careful applying the sealer, there is always a chance of it splashing upwards accidentally.

Concrete Sealers Are Slippery When Wet

Do not walk on the sealers when they are wet. Not only does this adversely affect how the sealer dries, but also the sealer is slippery when wet. To protect people in the area, cord off the area and place wet flooring signs to alert them.

Auseal-Curite Concrete Sealers Require Proper Storage Conditions

Our concrete sealers also require proper storage to ensure there are no issues. Place the securely closed containers in a dry, well-ventilated and cool place that receives no direct sunlight. In addition, there should not be any source of ignition in this storage area.

For further information about why safety precautions must be strict when using our concrete sealers, contact us when it is convenient. We will be glad to discuss our sealers and their handling requirements with you.

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