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The Process of Concrete Resurfacing and Its Benefits

13 July 2022

Many properties today already maximise concrete structures and outdoor features. After all, they are known for their appealing looks, durable composition, and long lifespan. Some examples of concrete outdoor features are fountains, walkways, driveways, patios, stairs, and retaining walls.

While they are meant to last for a long time, some concrete features can still wear out and get damaged. They can also become dirty until they deteriorate wholly.

If you are one of the property owners who own deteriorated concrete features, you may want to put any plans for their repairs on hold first. Repairs and replacements can be costly. They can also consume a lot of time. And if you cannot deal with these costly expenses yet, the best solution you can carry out for your deteriorated concrete features and elements is concrete resurfacing.

Concrete Resurfacing as Your Solution

The process of concrete resurfacing is straightforward. It eliminates the need to break up the old concrete surface and pour in a new one. Instead, the material used for concrete resurfacing goes directly above the existing concrete surface.

But before carrying out any work, you must attain the right concrete resurfacing material first. It can, fortunately, be created by mixing a thin cement-based overlay with special bonding agents. Once the resurfacing material is generated, you must subsequently clean the affected area to remove any loose debris and concrete. Power washing can help remove flaky and loose concrete. You can also use a soap-waster solution in cleaning the surfaces. You must, however, ensure that any soap materials will be removed thoroughly. Repair materials must then be applied to blemishes and cracks on the surfaces.

When applying the resurfacing material, it must be poured over the area and spread evenly. Once the new surface dries, it must then be applied with non-slip coatings to ensure that it will not become slippery.

Vital Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing

In general, concrete resurfacing can help provide a new look and finish to your outdoor and indoor surfaces without needing any replacement. It can even give your old concrete surfaces various decorative finishes, making them more personalised.

Aside from its appealing benefits, you can also expect your newly resurfaced concrete surfaces to be durable. The ingredients used for the resurfacing material can be effective in withstanding wear and tear. They can even resist stains, tire marks, blemishes, and fluctuating temperatures. Some ingredients of the resurfacing material are fine sands, cement, polymer modifiers, and bonding agents.

Another great benefit of concrete resurfacing is it does not cost a lot of money. Compared to concrete repair, concrete resurfacing does not require manpower and many equipment pieces to carry out this process. This cost-effective solution makes it applicable to not just only home properties but also commercial basements, hospitals, laboratories, and automotive mechanic garages.

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