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The Importance of Urethane Concrete Bonding Primers

10 May 2021

Bonding primers fill two needs when applied to concrete before top coating. They seal the concrete surface and build up a security line for a covering or garnish to attach to the substrate. Concrete isn’t generally a decent substrate for holding coatings in light of its high porosity and alkalinity. Without it (bonding groundwork), there’s nothing for the covering to take hold of.

On the off chance that the concrete substrate isn’t prepared, You’ll see pinholes because the concrete is relaxing. You will have much more issues in case you’re top coating over old concrete. The substrate likely could be dry and brittle, making the surface drop and take the new coat with it.

The arrangement is a layer of bonding groundwork that gives benefits during both the fluid stage and the strong period of the application. As well as fixing a permeable substrate and holding fast to the fixing, primers increment the dampness of the topcoat, making it simpler to spread.

Grip advancing primers dependent on polyurethanes and epoxies are phenomenal for bonding elastomers to metal or earthenware substrates. Likewise, these primers can be utilised to bond polyurethanes to other urethanes and adaptable elastomers for more convoluted applications.

Urethane primers are utilised to advance the bonding and grip of urethanes to surfaces. Most urethanes ought to be applied over a readied prepared surface for ideal outcomes. Urethane concrete primers have created uncommon primers for a particular application. They have a wide reach in applications for concrete, metal, unpainted metal, as a binding coat to fibreglass parts, flooring, roof decking, pipeline, tank, and wood.

The most common applications and uses for urethane concrete bonding primers are steel and metallic surfaces, concrete, ceramic, and wood surfaces, plastic surfaces, non-polyurethane elastomers, polyurethane restored surfaces, and truck beds.

Urethane concrete bonding primer is a solitary part, dampness restored urethane elastomer preliminary explicitly defined to upgrade the attachment of urethane elastomer coatings to concrete substrates. Urethane concrete bonding primer has a long jacket window just as ideal grip attributes.

It naturally starts restoring when presented to air, no blending is required. Urethane Concrete Bonding Primers is planned to be utilised with a primer for concrete break and development joint sealant item. These are fuel safe development joint sealant item utilised in air terminal runway activities or applications where a fuel safe sealant/covering is required.

Urethane concrete bonding primers is applied straightforwardly to clean concrete surface by brush or roller, stand by 1 hour before utilisation of primer into concrete break or development joint. Primer can be filled the concrete development joint after surfaces are prepared constantly. See the coatings and sealants item page for more data on item. Urethane concrete bonding primers contains voc solvents and is named combustible material.


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