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The Importance of Concrete Sealers to Automotive Shops and Facilities

04 November 2019

Automotive shops and facilities are regularly visited by car owners who wanted to either fix or customize their cars. Since most of these shops have a base of concrete, a very porous material, it is inevitable that it can be prone to unnecessary damage from cars entering and leaving the facility. Moreover, daily exposure to foot traffic, as well as harsh weather conditions and UV rays can also affect the quality of the concrete drastically and may result to cracks and holes.

Applying concrete sealers to concretes can address the wear out issues of automotive shops. The following are the importance of using concrete sealers to the mentioned shops and their facilities.

Increases the Sturdiness of the Surface

Concrete can easily absorb moisture and water, given its porous nature. This then ultimately lead to numerous cracking and corrosion of the surface. Thanks to the strong protective coating feature of concrete sealers, your automotive shops and facilities can become non-porous. Your automotive shops can now even accommodate a lot of heavier vehicles than ever before.

Coats the Surface from Irremovable Stains

Aside from water, oil and grease can also be absorbed by your concrete floor when they are unsealed. The absorption of these elements can stain the concrete permanently, which then requires you to spend more money for the reapplication of concrete. But with concrete sealers, the stain can be prevented as they provide a protective layer to the concrete. Just watch out for highly acidic compounds that can still penetrate the sealer.

Lessens the Growth Chance of Moulds

Unsealed concrete that are full of moisture and water can attract moulds. Moreover, moulds can replicate fast enough that they can cover your entire shops and facilities with an unsightly shade of green. By sealing the pores of the surface with concrete sealer, it decreases the risk of growing moulds to your shops and makes your business more appealing to consumers.

Shields the Surface from Sun, Rain, and Snow

Even if your automotive shops and facilities are protected by roof, some parts of it may be reached by the sun’s rays that contain damaging ultraviolet rays. These rays can fade and lighten the concrete’s colour over time. The same can be said with rain and snow. A concrete without any kind of protection can be penetrated by rain and snow and can damage your shops. Concrete sealers can fill in all the pores and coat the concrete layer for all around protection from nature.

Preserves the Surface’s Colour and Appearance

Another importance of using concrete sealer for your automotive shops is that it will preserve the original colour and shade of your concrete. The sealer will bring out the best of the colour you applied for your concrete. Concrete sealer would then require lesser maintenance for the colour of your whole shop.

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