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The Impact of Extreme Temperatures in Concrete Sealing

06 January 2022

Concrete sealers provide highly durable protection for concrete floors in both interior and exterior areas of your home or commercial building. Before applying one to your concrete floor, you must understand the crucial role that extreme temperature and weather play in it. The reason for this is that after you apply the sealer, it goes through a chemical reaction to dry, cure and form a hard, durable film. Temperature can speed the process up or slow it down, depending upon how hot or cold it is at the time of application. While heat does play a factor, it would have to be higher than 32.2-degrees Celsius for it to negatively affect the curing of the sealer. On the other hand, cold temperatures of less than 10-degrees Celsius can also negatively impact the curing rate.

Influences on the Temperature

The time of day, wind velocity and the sun highly influence the temperature of both the air and concrete. Monitor the weather closely due to this fact to ensure that you select the right day to apply your concrete sealer. On top of this, in cold weather, the temperature is not the only factor since dew point and humidity play integral roles in how the sealer cures, so you must know these elements as well.

Ideal Temperature Range for Applying Sealer

Concrete sealer cures the best in a temperature range of 10-degrees to 32.2-degrees Celsius. If you apply it in too cold of temperatures, you risk it curing too quickly or even freezing, and this spoils the look and quality of the final results. For this reason, it is never advisable to apply the sealer when you know the temperature is too chilly. In comparison, too hot of a temperature slows down the curing time.

Each Sealer Differs in Application Requirements

Each sealer varies slightly in temperature needs. You must refer to the manufacturer’s instructions, to know what the ideal application conditions are for your specific sealer. You can fine-tune your choice of sealer this way for the time of the year and the temperature conditions that you need to apply the sealer in for your concrete floor. Do not select the first sealer you come across in your search.

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