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The Advantages of Powerseal’s Urethane Clear and Colour Primer from Auseal-Curite

03 December 2021

To ensure that your concrete flooring stays attractive and highly functional for your purposes, you should seal it with one of the Powerseal adhesives. These adhesives protect the concrete floors from chemicals, fats, oils and other substances in a variety of locations that range from garages to warehouses. We discuss these in a bit more depth in the following facts to help you understand how they work along with other pertinent information.

Powerseal Adhesives Come in Two Options

One benefit of Powerseal adhesives is that they come in two versions, namely Urethane Clear Primer and Urethane Colour Primer. Select the one that best suits your purposes. The colour option is available in shades that range from off-white to burgundy.

You Receive a Durable Indoor Surface with Powerseal Adhesives

These adhesives create a durable indoor surface that stands up to daily use. You can install it confidently inside garages, warehouses, factories, service stations and workshops. Note, though, that these adhesives should only be applied indoors as they are not UV resistant. In addition, you receive a high-gloss appearance without unnecessary slipperiness.

Highly Resistive to a Variety of Substances

While Powerseal adhesives are not resistive to UV rays, they are resistant to damage from other substances. They stand up well to exposure to chemicals, oils, fats, brake fluids, oxidizing agents, alkali substances, diluted acids, petrol and solvents. Also, these adhesives do not scratch easily once they dry on the concrete.

Powerseal Adhesives Offer Superior Adhesion

If you are worried about how these adhesives hold to the concrete over time, know that they offer superior adhesion in comparison to other concrete sealers that are on the market at present. When they are professionally applied and allowed to dry the right amount of time before use, these adhesives will not peel or crack just because of poor adhesion ability like cheaper, fewer quality products do on concrete flooring.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

On top of the above characteristics, the Powerseal adhesives are easy to clean and maintain. You even can pressure wash your concrete flooring that contains either one of these sealers. Even though these sealants are highly resistive to staining and damage from various substances, routine cleaning is recommended to ensure no major issues occur unnecessarily.

Turn to Auseal-Curite for further information about how Powerseal adhesives work for concrete flooring purposes. We have numerous years of experience here in the Dandenong area of Melbourne, Australia, in developing and manufacturing innovative, decorative surfaces and coatings for concrete floors. Our products are for professional use only to ensure that they perform properly after each application.

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