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Solve Moisture-Related Issues in Warehouse and Factory Floors Using Concrete Sealers

18 September 2019

While warehouse and factory concrete floors need to endure a lot of punishment all throughout the year, moisture can be the number one enemy of them. Since concrete is porous in a raw state, it can absorb water and other liquids easily, and all can cause their own damage to it. Also, efflorescence can occur as well when there is nothing protecting these floors. You can solve all these moisture-related problems just by applying a concrete sealer to your factory or warehouse floor. We elaborate on this fact in the following.

Sealers Make Concrete Flooring Non-Porous

When you seal concrete floors, you turn them from porous to non-porous surfaces. As a result, they cannot absorb potentially damaging moisture through the sealer, even from the surrounding air. This prevents mould and mildew from forming, the concrete from softening and possibly crumbling, and staining from occurring due to exposure to standing water or other liquids.

You Can Clean up Spills without Leaving a Residue

Without a sealer on the concrete, it is impossible to clean up spills without leaving some type of residue behind. The raw concrete absorbs liquids too quickly. Once the spill residue dries, permanent stains are left behind that are impossible to remove.

Concrete Sealers Are Chemical Resistant in Many Cases

It depends upon what chemicals come into contact with sealers whether they are 100% resistant to damage from them. For example, certain solvents will remove the sealers. Ensure that you select the right sealer for your circumstances to guarantee the best possible floor protection.

You Prevent Efflorescence from Negatively Affecting Your Commercial Floor

Since efflorescence happens when water-soluble substances, such as salts, rise up to the top of unsealed concrete in part due to moist conditions, applying a sealer prevents this unsightly issue. The primary sign of this issue is a white powdery residue on the concrete’s surface after the salts or other substances dry.

Applying a Sealer Lengthens the Life of Your Concrete Floor

The application of a sealer to protect your warehouse or factory floor from moisture-related issues extends the life of the concrete. This reduces your need for floor refurbishments that can be quite costly.

A Sealer Can Be Decorative and Protective at the Same Time

Sealers come in clear and coloured versions. If you select one that has a colour to it, you can add a decorative touch to your floor along with the sealer protection.

For further facts about how to solve moisture-related issues in warehouse and factory floors by applying a concrete sealer, consult with Auseal-Curite. We specialise in manufacturing decorative surfaces and unique coatings for concrete floors.

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