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Protect Your Newly Poured Concrete Surface with AusealCuriteSame Day Seal

08 March 2022

A lot of construction projects maximise concrete as their main material thanks to its associated benefits. Concrete, when processed effectively, is known to be durable, energy-efficient, resilient, versatile, and cost-effective. It can even be recycled, making the projects sustainable in the long run.

Concrete is often used in constructing patios, driveways, parking spaces, sidewalks, and even foundations. And to ensure that it will last for a long time, contractors have to seal it appropriately.

Sealing is the process of applying sealers to concrete surfaces, providing benefits that make them truly appealing, functional, and valuable.

Primary Benefits of Sealing Concrete

One of the benefits of sealing concrete is it can deter mould from forming and spreading. Mould can easily cause green discolourations on concrete surfaces, which can affect their overall appeal. Mould can likewise pose health dangers to anyone who will be exposed to mould spores for a long time. Through sealing concrete surfaces, these effects are prevented effectively.

Another benefit of sealing concrete is it can extend the service life of concrete surfaces. The application of quality sealers to concrete surfaces can easily prolong their life for around 30 years since they can deter cracks, stains, and other damages from developing.

The overall appeal of concrete surfaces is likewise improved through the sealing process. Sealers have elements that can preserve the appearance of concrete surfaces. By applying them to the surfaces, property owners can expect their concrete structures to remain beautiful for a very long time.

The Key Qualities of Same Day Seal

To help property owners like you achieve great sealing of concrete surfaces, we at AusealCurite offer Same Day Seal. Same Day Seal is a concrete sealant that can protect freshly poured concrete surfaces. It is primarily made of 100% acrylic copolymer, providing the product with a lot of notable qualities.

One quality of our concrete sealant is it has excellent durability. Its durability allows your concrete surface to be resistant against ultraviolet rays, heat, moisture, and other weather elements. Same Day Seal likewise can reduce efflorescence. Other notable features of Same Day Seal include compatibility with interior and exterior applications, low tyre marking characteristics, and excellent abrasion resistance.

Using AusealCurite Same Day Seal 

Before applying Same Day Seal to your newly poured concrete surface, you must make sure first that it is free from dirt, dust, grease, oil, and other similar elements. In cleaning your surface, you can maximise a degreasant to scrub the surface and flush it with clean water to wash down the contaminants. Acid etching can also be conducted to your concrete surface if it is not profiled. After doing this process, you must hose off the surface with fresh water and allow it to dry thoroughly before sealing it.

When using Same Day Seal, you must stir it before and during the sealing process to ensure its uniformity. The first coat of the sealer must be thinned with 10 to 20% of Xylene to provide great adhesion and penetration. You can coat your concrete through a broom, a roller, or a spray gun. Upon the completion of the recommended drying time, you can then proceed with the second coat without dilution.

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