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Protect Your Driveway from Its Daily Grind Using Concrete Sealers

02 July 2019

Driveways are useful entryways into all sorts of residential properties. While the materials in these features vary, we are here today to speak of how to protect concrete ones from their daily exposure to vehicle and foot traffic, UV rays and weather conditions. A concrete driveway can outlast your house when properly maintained, and part of this includes applying a concrete sealer to safeguard it from unnecessary damage. To learn the advantages of using this sealer on your driveway, read the following facts.

Increases the Driveway’s Durability

Even though concrete is a durable substance, it also has a porous nature. As a result of it absorbing moisture, it can freeze in the winter, which can cause the concrete driveway to crack. However, when you apply the right sealer, your driveway becomes non-porous at least on its surface. This reduces the risk of cracking.

Decreases the Risk of Mould Growth

Mould can grow and spread on unsealed concrete since it loves the moisture that it absorbs from rain, snow, or damp air. Growth such as this makes your lovely driveway turn an unsightly shade of green. Concrete sealer decreases the risk of this growth to keep your driveway looking attractive longer.

Provides Protection from Stains

Water is not the only liquid that concrete driveways absorb when they are unsealed. They will absorb antifreeze, oil and other chemicals that will stain them severely. An application of sealer allows you to wash these elements away easily unless they are certain acids. For example, muriatic acid can etch and even remove the sealer.

Safeguards the Concrete Driveway from Damaging UV Rays

The sun’s rays are powerful enough to fade the strongest of materials. Although its heat helps concrete continue to harden after your driveway is poured by the professionals, its UV rays will cause the driveway’s colour to lighten over time. Often, this discolouration is extremely uneven.

Enhances the Driveway’s Colour

Another benefit of protecting your concrete driveway with a sealer is that it will enhance and highlight its colour. Whether you choose to install just a natural concrete or a special shade of one, the sealer will bring out the best of the colour.

Other Advantages to Sealing Your Concrete Driveway

• Concrete sealer lengthens the lifespan of your driveway beyond its guaranteed one.

• You may even increase your property value just by sealing your driveway.

To receive expert guidance on protecting your driveway with a concrete sealer, consult with our company, Auseal-Curite. Our company is dedicated to the creation of innovative, quality concrete sealers for floors, patios, walkways, driveways, and more.

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