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Protect Garage Floors from Oil and Other Car Fluid Spills: Use Auseal Curite Clear Powerseal

17 June 2019

Without proper protection, garage floors will stain easily as a result of oil and other car fluid spills that happen over the years since their concrete is porous and absorbs these substances easily. Homeowners can prevent this staining from occurring by applying Auseal Curite Clear Powerseal on their concrete garage flooring. This sealant forms a non-porous shield on the concrete. We provide you with the following additional information about protecting your floors with this product from our company, Auseal-Curite.

Auseal Clear Powerseal Does Not Contain Any Colour

This version of the Powerseal does not impart colour to your concrete garage floor. It allows the natural appearance of the concrete to enhance the garage.

Highly Resistant to a Variety of Substances

Since it is highly resistant to solvents, oil, and other car fluid spills, and diluted alkalis, acids and oxidising agents, none of these substances will damage the sealant surface once it dries completely. As a result, you can work freely in your garage without worrying that you will damage your sealed garage floor.

Resistant to Abrasive Damage

Due to the fact that Auseal Curite Clear Powerseal dries to a hard, yet flexible, surface, it resists damage from abrasive materials or actions. It can endure the constant vehicle loads that it needs to or stand up to scratchy or rough items being stored on it.

Superior Adhesion

Powerseal also adheres to concrete floors in a superior way. As long as you apply it according to its directions, it will not flake or peel unlike poor-quality sealers that do not have the same high level of adhesion.

Suitable for Only Interior Applications

It is important to note that this sealer is only for interior floors or areas that are under a canopy or roof. We do offer sealers for outdoor use and Auseal Curite Sealer-EC25 is one of them.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Our Clear Powerseal sweeps and cleans easily, and you even can pressure wash it. Routine cleaning and examination of your sealed concrete floor is advisable to catch any minor issues that may arise before they turn serious.

High-Gloss Appearance

Another benefit of using our Auseal Curite Clear Powerseal is that it dries to a high-gloss finish. Despite the slick, smooth appearance of this sealer, it is not slippery.

Browse through our site or contact us to learn additional information about protecting garage floors for oil and other car fluid spills and more. We guarantee all of our sealers for your protection as long as you follow the directions for surface preparation and application. It is our business to create and deliver innovative, quality concrete sealers that will suit our clients’ needs.

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