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Pros and Cons of Different Gloss Level Options for Concrete Floors

08 April 2021

Even though concrete floors can be durable and attractive on their own, applying a sealer to them enhances both of these capabilities greatly. These sealers come in a variety of colours, types and gloss levels to better meet the needs of those with concrete flooring. It is the latter of these that we wish to discuss in this information. The three gloss levels consist of matte, medium-gloss and high-gloss, and while each one provides the same high level protection, you may prefer one level over the other once you understand additional facts.

Lucky for you, we are here to help you with your selection. Below are the pros and cons of different gloss level options for concrete floors.

High-Gloss are Ideal for Low-Maintenance Areas

When you want the most shine that you can receive from concrete sealers, you need to select a high-gloss one. For example, Hi-Gloss Sealer is a specially formulated concrete sealant meant for factory and other commercial concrete flooring where the high-gloss finish is a necessity due to its low-maintenance requirements. However, Clear and Colour Powerseal both are a combined sealant and top coat. They are ideal for concrete floors in the interiors of factories, warehouses, garages and service stations where a hard-wearing, durable coating is necessary. The Colour Powerseal comes in 24 standard colours as well as custom ones.

Semi-Gloss for Residential Surfaces

The sheen that medium-gloss sealers impart to concrete is much like that of semi-gloss paint for walls. It is a mild shine rather than a bright one. One example is the EC25 Colour Sealer which is a general-purpose concrete sealer that is specially formulated to protect and seal residential driveways and floors. It has a 100-percent acrylic copolymer base. Also, this sealer has superior resistance to UV rays and water damage along with other durability capabilities. It comes in 33 standard colours.

EC25 Sealer is exactly like the above colour sealer except that it only comes in clear. EC30 Colour Sealer is another version of our general-purpose sealants that provides similar benefits to those of the EC25 sealers. Also, this comes in 33 colours.

Matte Gloss for Effective Concrete Protection

Actually, matte is not a gloss level as it is without any shininess. Sealers of this nature protect the concrete effectively but will not provide it with an additional glow that is highly attractive for concrete flooring and are more difficult to clean that the medium-gloss and high-gloss ones are. For these reasons, Auseal-Curite concentrates our efforts on creating medium-gloss and high-gloss sealers for concrete.

For further guidance on which gloss level is right for your concrete flooring, consult with us as soon as possible. We will explain all your options in detail and help you choose the one that will provide you the best protection and wear for your specific circumstances.

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