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Outdoor Concrete Sealers: What Makes Them Necessary

23 March 2020

Not many people are aware of the function and importance of outdoor concrete sealers. Most experts and professionals recommend the use of outdoor concrete sealers for a more appealing and durable outcome. Below are pieces of information about outdoor concrete sealers and what makes them necessary.

Outdoor Concrete Sealers Add an Extra Layer of Protection

Outdoor concrete sealers are not only worthwhile but necessary. Experts who recommend having a concrete surface sealed are doing their customers a big favor. Without this extra layer of protection, concrete will absorb moisture and may begin to crack, spall, flake, and discolor among other things. In fact, there is a good chance that an unsealed concrete surface will fail prematurely.

Outdoor Concrete Sealers Protect Concrete from Harsh Elements

Remember, outdoor concrete gets subjected to harsh elements, including wind, rain, snow, dirt, pool chlorine, saltwater (if you live near the ocean), and more. Regardless if you have decorative concrete installed on a pool deck, patio floor, outside patio countertops, walkway, driveway, or some other surface, a high-quality sealer is essential. After having a sealer applied initially, an expert will need to reapply it every few years for continued protection.

Outdoor Concrete Sealers Preserve the Efficacy and Strength of Surfaces

Technologically advanced sealers preserve the efficacy and strength of concrete installed outdoors. When properly sealed, outdoor concrete has the potential of being one of the longest lasting materials associated with your home. Especially when applied to pool decks, outdoor concrete sealers dramatically reduce the risk of damage caused by water and chemicals.

Outdoor Concrete Sealers Improve Aesthetic Appeal

There are several types of outdoor concrete sealers to consider. For instance, chemically reactive sealers penetrate concrete, and for that reason, they are almost invisible. However, a solvent-based acrylic resin sealer formulated with a color enhancer produces a high-gloss look.

You might also be interested in a water-based acrylic resin. With a moderate color enhancer added, the surface has a beautiful satin finish. Urethane is another option that comes in many different finishes based on your personal preference. If you have done any research on concrete, you have probably noticed that experts recommend using outdoor concrete sealers.

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