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How to Protect Concrete-Based Domestic Floors Using Auseal-Curite EC 30 Sealer

17 July 2019

Concrete is a porous in its raw, unsealed state. This means that it can absorb various fluids that may stain it or cause it to degrade in some manner. Also, you will have a difficult time cleaning it in this condition. To prevent these, you need to always seal your concrete. Our company, Auseal-Curite provides innovative sealers for just this purpose. In the following we explain how to use our EC 30 Sealer and EC 30 Colour Sealer to protect your concrete effectively.

Two Models of EC 30 Are Available

The EC 30 Sealer is clear while the EC 30 Colour Sealer comes in 33 standard colours. Choose the one that best complements your floor’s location and surrounding décor.

How to Prepare Your Concrete-Base Domestic Floor for Either of the EC 30 Sealers

Prior to applying your choice of the EC 30 sealers, you need to ensure that your concrete floor is free of all dirt, dust, grease, oil of other contaminants. Use a degreaser to clean your concrete and rinse with plenty of water to be certain that all the contaminants are off it. Repeat the process when necessary. Also, if the concrete floor is completely smooth, you need to etch it with an acid solution that is one part hydrochloric acid to 10 parts water. Broom this solution over it and allow the solution to stay for about 10 minutes without drying out. Rinse thoroughly and let the concrete floor dry completely before performing the next step.

Application Method for EC 30

You can apply our EC 30 Sealer and EC 30 Colour Sealer with an airless sprayer, roller or a broom. Remember not to put the sealer on too thick because it will have trouble drying in the ideal fashion. Add a second layer, if necessary, after the first coat is dry.

The Coverage Area Per Litre of EC 30

One litre of EC 30 covers five to seven square metres of concrete floor, depending upon the porosity and profile of the floor. Always dilute the first coat with no more than 20-percent solvent to ensure it sets up a base for the other coats in the appropriate manner.

Use Caution When Applying EC 30

• Properly ventilate area during the application of EC 30
• Remember that both versions of EC 30 are combustible
• Store EC 30 away from sparks and flames
• Familiarise yourself with MSDS before applying EC 30

For additional facts about how to protect your concrete-based domestic floor with EC 30 Sealer or EC 30 Colour Sealer, contact us directly or browse our site. We have been manufacturing high-quality, professional-level concrete sealers for numerous years and guarantee favourable results with each one of our sealers.

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