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How to Enhance the Look of Concrete Floors Using Decorative Coatings

06 March 2020

Flooring is a dominant and essential aspect of a room. Its colour patterns and schemes somehow contribute greatly to the overall design of your interior.  Consequently, decorative coatings can enhance such if you opt for concrete floors. Concrete floors—from concrete walkways, patios, driveways, and pool decks to garage floors and concrete interior floors—do not have to retain that original gray look. Below are ways on how you can enhance the look of concrete floors using decorative coatings.

Decorative Coatings Can Revive Old Concrete Floors

Both old and new concrete can be modified with decorative coatings. Application of decorative coatings is, in fact, a way to revive old concrete and avoid the need to remove and replace it. Most often, decorative coatings are applied to surfaces that pose a problem to remove or are too expensive to remove or replace. In addition to ceramic tile, stamped concrete patios can revive decorative coatings, which avoid the need to re-pour and stamp, colour, and stain. Applying decorative coatings to floors previously covered with carpet is another way building owners can introduce industrially modern, creative, and unique looks that are easy to clean and will far outlast their predecessors.

Decorative Coatings Creates Unique Designs

Exterior decorative applications are growing as homeowners look to extend the inside to the outside. They want the same decorative look outside as they expect inside, and they see the value in protecting concrete. The natural state of concrete is very relevant, especially in multifamily spaces, as people want a seamless look from inside to the outside of the home. It’s becoming clearer in today’s design that homeowners want to bring the outdoors in—with plants and natural elements. We are also seeing the ombre look on concrete, which creates a haphazard, imperfect look. For contractors, ease of use and repeatability are one of the key decision criteria.

Decorative Coatings Can Make Concrete Floors Durable

There are two major categories of decorative concrete coatings: overlays and stains. Both stains and overlays can be used on new concrete. For worn concrete areas, resurfacing with an overlay provides numerous options for adding colours, stamped patterns, and textures. Staining and stencilling are appropriate for older concrete that remains in good condition. In addition to the desired appearance and the state of the concrete floor, the appropriate decorative coating will be dictated by the application conditions including time, temperature, location, etc., the conditions to which it will be exposed, the desired life expectancy for the coating, and the cost limitations.

Using decorative coatings for concrete floors involves different steps and processes. If you want to know more about decorative coatings, contact us now at Auseal-Curite. We offer a wide range of coatings for different application purposes.

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