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How Do You Apply AusealCurite Colour Sealer on Your Property Surface?

25 March 2022

Different materials nowadays can be used in constructing different parts of a property. Some of these materials are brick, concrete, slate, and terracotta.

One thing that is common about these materials is they are durable enough to withstand outdoor elements. And with this specific quality, they are often used in building various outdoor landscaping features such as patios, walkways, driveways, and decking. They also boast appealing colours and designs, which help enhance the curb appeal and value of properties.

But to ensure that these materials can stay intact for a very long time, contractors would recommend coating them with a quality sealant. One quality sealant that property owners like you can maximise in protecting these materials is AusealCurite Colour Sealer.

AusealCurite Colour Sealer Features

We, at AusealCurite, have formulated various sealant products to ensure that all surface types can be protected and coated effectively. One of the products that we offer is the Colour Sealer.

AusealCurite Colour Sealer is a general-purpose concrete sealant that can seal and protect dry concrete-based floors, driveways, and other interior and exterior property features. It can cater to surfaces with a medium gloss finish and property features that are made from brick, concrete, slate, and terracotta.

Our very own sealing product has been maximised by many contractors and property owners since it can withstand the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays. It can likewise resist water and moisture that often causes cracks and faults to property surfaces. AusealCurite Colour Sealer is also known for reducing efflorescence or salt coating formation and deterring tyre markings.

AusealCurite Colour Sealer Preparation

The effectiveness of our Colour Sealer can only be achieved if it is applied properly. One crucial step you must do before its application is to prepare the involved surface.

Surfaces that will be coated or sealed with our Colour Sealer must be free from dirt, dust, grease, and other contaminants. To achieve clean surfaces, you must clean them with degreasant and flush them with huge quantities of clean water. Subsequently, you must scrub and wash down the surfaces to remove all contaminants and impurities. If some contaminants are still present, you must repeat the previous cleaning processes until everything is removed.

Now, if the surfaces are not profiled, you may want to use hydrochloric acid diluted with 10 parts water to 1 part acid. You may then broom the mixture to the surface and leave it for around 10 minutes. Afterwards, you must hose off the surface with huge quantities of freshwater to remove the solution.

AusealCurite Colour Sealer Application

As for the application of the Colour Sealer, you must stir it thoroughly before and during application to achieve uniformity and reincorporation of suspended pigment. Then, your first coat must be thinned with 10-20% Xylene so it can adhere to the involved surface. Once it is thinned, you can now apply sealant with a broom, roller, or spray gun and allow it to dry. After the drying time has elapsed, you can now apply a second coating of the sealant without dilution.

To obtain AusealCurite Colour Sealer for your property, you can call us at AusealCurite.

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