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Glossy vs. Matte Finish: Choosing the Right Concrete Sealer Finish for Your Project

10 May 2022

Many construction projects today maximise concrete as one of their base materials due to its accompanying benefits.

For one, concrete has a high degree of strength. Concrete is made from water, cement, and aggregate. By altering the proportion of these components, the durability of the concrete can be enhanced according to one’s requirements. Another great benefit of concrete is it is durable. Concrete can easily resist fire, rusting, weathering, erosion, and other similar elements, allowing it to last for a long time. Building elements made from concrete are likewise reflective, cost-effective, and sustainable.

Even though concrete boasts these qualities, it still requires a sealing material to make it reliable and long-lasting. When sealing your concrete project, you may choose either a glossy or a matte finish.

Glossy Finish

A glossy concrete sealer finish has a higher percentage of solid content than the one with a matte finish, making its overall film or coating to be much thicker. The thicker content of this finish then makes its surface appear to be shiny as if it is wet all the time. This type of finish can be good for your concrete project if you want to achieve a vibrant and classy building element.

Apart from its high-end appeal, covering your concrete project with a glossy concrete sealer can make it reflective. The high reflectivity of your concrete surface can help the surrounding area to be more illuminated even with just a few lights, cutting your utility bills by huge amounts. Opting for a glossy finish can also cut your cleaning costs since its smooth and slippery surface can make cleaning easier.

One downside of the glossy finish is it can be prone to damage. Scratches, scuff marks, and other similar damages may be expected once you go for a glossy concrete sealer finish.

Matte Finish

A matte concrete sealer finish, alternatively, can be a good option for your project if you do not want too much light to bounce and illuminate the entire room. The reflectivity of a glossy concrete surface can be strong, forcing you to add more window coverings and other mitigating components. Opting for a matte finish does not provide you with this kind of issue as it does not have high reflectivity.

Matte finish can also be good for you if you want to preserve the natural look of your concrete elements. Concrete can boast colours that appeal natural and authentic. With a matte concrete sealer, you can expect them to look more realistic compared to wet and shiny surfaces. Another great thing about matte finish is it can be effective in hiding any impurities or flaws on your concrete project.

Just like the glossy finish, matte concrete surfaces also boast a limitation. Concrete surfaces that have been sealed with a matte finish cannot make a specific room or area bigger since it does not reflect light.

If you need sealing products for your concrete project, you can contact us at Auseal Curite. We offer various sealing products that can fit almost all concrete surfaces. Some of our products include Hi-Gloss Seal, EC 25/30 Colour Sealer, and Clear Powerseal.

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