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Give Your Driveway a Brand New Look this 2021 with Auseal-Curite’s Unique Coatings

28 January 2021

Probably the busiest spot of your house is without a doubt the concrete driveway. Consistently vehicles travel every which way, taking for granted that splendid workhorse. In all kinds of weather, it serves without complaint, yet one day you notice it’s starting to show some wear and tear. It could be surface cracks and chips,  worn spots where aggregate shows through, stains from ground-in earth, car fluids and squished vegetation.

By resurfacing your existing driveway, you save the significant expense of destruction and replaconcrete, as well as the time in question. A newly-poured concrete driveway can take as long as 30 days to fix and dry to its ultimate hardness, and that’s after the ideal opportunity for demo and removal first. A resurfaced decorative concrete driveway can be back in service surprisingly fast with a new finish that is stronger than bare concrete, restoring to a compression strength just under 5000 PSI for the ultimate in durability.

You don’t have to settle for the old appearance of old concrete, you can reward your driveway with a new look. A decorative concrete overlay can transform your driveway for a fraction of the cost of removal and replaconcrete, with the added advantage that a concrete overlay gives the choice of limitless design potential. There’s something for everybody with stained, stamped and hand-carved faux stone designs, including flagstone, cobblestone, Roman slate, Ashlar slate, block and even wood plank patterns.

Stained Concrete Options And Colours

Stained concrete is just one alternative for enhancing your driveway and it’s the most economical treatment, especially for large areas. The colours are rich and vibrant and can transform the look of your home. Between water-based acrylic stains and acid-based chemical stains, Knowledge of the concrete composition, shading blending and antiquing techniques open up an entire universe of possibilities for driveway restoration with concrete staining.

The new concrete overlay will shroud chips, cracks and discolourations in the driveway and present a fresh surface for design. Either a grey or white base adds subtleties that will impact the stain’s appearance ensuring that you’ll get exactly the profundity of shading you want. The variety of neutral and earth tone concrete stain colours are compatible with any home’s outside or existing hardscape designs for a cohesive look.

Stamped Concrete’s Interesting Textures

Slate, cobblestone and block are popular stamped concrete designs for driveways, adding interest and surface to ramp up your home’s control appeal. You can have the look of pavers or grouted stones without the hassle and expense of the real thing. Elastic stamps made from “real stone” moulds engrave the concrete overlay with designs of natural slate, stone, block, and cobblestone that are then stained to create authentic-looking stone surfaces, frequently using various colours for a more natural impact.

This faux cobblestone driveway looks like the real thing, yet there are no joints or grout lines to loosen or disintegrate after some time, and no weeds or grass can encroach upon the driveway since it’s one continuous, sealed surface. Maintenance is easy and installation is snappy since it is anything but a stone-by-stone process. The durable finish is resistant to chips, cracks, shading fading, stains and moisture. Auto fluids and different spills wipe straight up without damaging the surface, so you’ll never have to stress over your driveway again.


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