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FAQ: Can Old Concrete Floors Be Sealed?

08 August 2019

While concrete floors are resilient to a point in their raw form without any additional treatments, they do not resist moisture absorption or stains well unless you add a layer of sealer on top of them. You may think that just new floors of this material qualify for this treatment, but you can seal old concrete flooring as well. With this being said, we offer you FAQs below to help explain how to go about this properly.

1. Is there any special preparation necessary for old a concrete floor prior to sealing it?

Yes, you need to analyse your concrete flooring to learn whether it has ever had sealer on it before. If it has, you must remove all signs of it from the concrete using the appropriate solvent. After this, you should repair any defects or damage in the floor. This lengthens the life of your floor. Repairs may add new concrete to your old floors. In this case, allow it to cure for at least 28 days before proceeding.

2. Should I etch old a concrete floor to prepare them for sealers?

An aged concrete floor that does not have a texture must be etched prior to sealing. To etch the floor, apply a hydrochloric acid solution that is four parts water to one part acid to the entire floor with a mop or broom. Allow this solution to set for up to two minutes or until bubbles quit forming. Rinse all the acid solution off the floor thoroughly with clean water to ensure that no salts form while the floor dries. If the floor is not sufficiently etched, repeat the etching process.

3. Do old concrete floors require different sealers than new ones do for quality results?

No, you can use any concrete sealer on old floors that is suitable for new ones of concrete. Make your selection according to whether the concrete floor is indoors or outdoors, though, since the latter requires a sealer that will hold up under UV and weather exposure. Also, select the colour that best enhances your house décor or the clear that is completely neutral.

4. Is there a special application method that must be used to apply sealer to old concrete floors?

No, you just apply it according the manufacturer’s instructions. Many sealers recommend the use of a roller or broom to apply them while some are ideal for sprayers.

For further details about how you can seal old concrete floors, consult with Auseal-Curite. For many years, we have been developing and manufacturing unique decorative surfaces and coatings specifically formulated for concrete flooring.

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