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EC25 Colour Sealer: An Ideal Concrete Sealant for Both Interior and Exterior Applications

16 October 2019

Since concrete is porous in its natural state, it is advisable to apply a sealant to it in order to preserve its ideal condition. Without this protection, your concrete will absorb stain-causing liquids, scratch easily and break down prematurely. You must be careful to choose the right type of sealant for where your concrete is, though, or you will not receive adequate protection for your concrete. While most sealants will work for indoor purposes, not all will be suitable for outdoor applications. For this reason, we are here to explain why the EC25 Colour Sealer from our company, Auseal-Curite, is an effective concrete sealant for both interior and exterior applications.

EC25 Has Good UV Stability

UV stability is a must when applying a sealant to a walkway, patio or other concrete element. The sealant will break down quickly due to exposure to the sun without this quality.

Effective Water Resistance

You receive a highly water-resistant protective surface when you use this sealant. It makes the concrete non-porous at least on the top side. This decreases its ability to absorb water and other liquids substantially.

Our EC25 Reduces Efflorescence

Due to the fact that moisture cannot rise all the way to the surface, EC25 also reduces the risk of efflorescence. This condition happens when moisture and salts come up to the top of the concrete and dry. An unsightly white powder is left behind. Sealing concrete is the best way to present this from happening.

EC25 Comes in Numerous Colours

It is easy to complement your home’s exterior or interior areas attractively with this sealant since it comes in 33 standard colours. Just choose the shade that best suits your need.

Low Tyre Marking Capabilities

On top of other concrete elements, EC25 is perfect for driveways and garage floors because it has a low risk of tyre marking. As you may already know, tyres can leave black marks on unsealed concrete when vehicles drive on it daily, but when you apply EC25 according to its directions you substantially lower the chance of these marks occurring.

Highly Durable

On top of the above reasons to use the EC25 Colour Sealer from our company, it is highly durable and will last a long time to provide you with an adequate return on your investment. It will not need reapplying as often as the lesser-quality sealants do on exterior and interior concrete surfaces.

For further facts about our EC25 Colour Sealer, browse through our site or contact us directly. Auseal-Curite has built a reputation over the years for developing and manufacturing quality, decorative surfaces and unique coatings for concrete floors, walkways and other features.

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