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Why Do You Need Indoor Concrete Sealers for Commercial Spaces with High Foot Traffic

26 February 2021

Concrete is an ideal and a durable material for indoor flooring for commercial spaces with high foot traffic when you ensure that it is installed and cared for properly. It […]

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How to Achieve the Best Results When Colour Sealing your Exterior Concrete Floors

11 February 2021

If your concrete floor is freshly poured, you must let it harden or cure for at least 28 days prior to applying any protective coating. Do not forget this crucial […]

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Give Your Driveway a Brand New Look this 2021 with Auseal-Curite’s Unique Coatings

28 January 2021

Probably the busiest spot of your house is without a doubt the concrete driveway. Consistently vehicles travel every which way, taking for granted that splendid workhorse. In all kinds of […]

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Risks and Hazards Involved in Decorative Concrete Sealing Application

15 January 2021

In an expert workplace, possible hazards can be productively overseen using reasonable defensive measures, even in circumstances where there is long haul use, yet the circumstance is differ­ent for private […]

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Trouble Picking the Right Colour for Your Concrete Coatings? Check Out Auseal-Curite’s Visualiser/Colour Chart

14 December 2020

The benefits of using a colour chart during any improving or refurbishment are different. It is an essential step in the process, however, it should never be the first or […]

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