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How to Enhance the Look of Concrete Floors Using Decorative Coatings

06 March 2020

Flooring is a dominant and essential aspect of a room. Its colour patterns and schemes somehow contribute greatly to the overall design of your interior.  Consequently, decorative coatings can enhance […]

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A Guide to Decorative Surfaces for Concrete Floors: Know What’s Right for You

28 February 2020

Not many are aware that concrete floors offer more than just functionality – they too provide a certain kind aesthetic appeal with the right decorative surfaces. Decorative surfaces for concrete […]

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Choosing Weatherproof Coatings for Outdoor Concrete Surfaces: What are the Options?

14 February 2020

If stating an obvious statement is permitted, one can definitely agree that concrete is one tough surface to crack. With its characteristics alone, it can withstand even the harshest of […]

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Urethane or Epoxy Coating: Know What’s Best for Your Industrial Floor Coating Project

23 January 2020

Choosing the best coating for your industrial floor can be difficult especially nowadays when there are so many options out there. There are so much to consider including weighing its […]

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Factors that Affect Sealer Performance on Concrete

10 January 2020

Sealers are an important part of protecting concrete against surface damage, corrosion, and staining. They work by either blocking the pores in the concrete to prevent the ingress of water […]

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