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Know the Impact of the Three Most Common Sealers on Concrete Surfaces

08 September 2021

Sealers are an important part of protecting concrete against surface damage, corrosion, and staining. They work by either blocking the pores in the concrete to prevent the ingress of water […]

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Things You Need to Know about Same Day Seal Concrete Sealant from Auseal-Curite

23 August 2021

Same Day Seal Concrete Sealant is a concrete sealant specifically formulated for sealing and protecting freshly poured, (but sufficiently hard to walked on) concrete surfaces. An additional coat of Same […]

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Know the Basics of Proper Concrete Sealer Application: Consult Auseal-Curite

05 August 2021

All concrete floors benefit from an application of sealer. A sealer not only enhances the appearance of concrete, but it also protects it against wear and tear along with exposure […]

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Things You Need to Do Before Coating Your Concrete Floors

23 July 2021

You can receive years of usefulness from a concrete garage floor, especially when you apply a protective coating on it. To ensure that the coating adheres properly to the concrete, […]

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The Advantages of Using PowerSeal Adhesives for Your Concrete Floors

08 July 2021

To ensure that your concrete flooring stays attractive and highly functional for your purposes, you should seal it with one of the Powerseal adhesives. These adhesives protect the concrete floors […]

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