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Benefits of Using Our “Same Day Seal” Sealant for Concrete Surfaces

03 September 2019

When applying sealant to concrete surfaces, it is important to choose the right one for the job. While some are suitable for only well-cured concrete, the “Same Day Seal” from our company of Auseal-Curite is suitable for freshly poured, green concrete that has dried just enough to walk on without issue. Read on to learn more about this benefit as well as other ones that you will receive when you select this sealant for your concrete floor, driveway, patio or other surface.

“Same Day Seal” Can Be Applied to Freshly Poured Concrete Surfaces

The top benefit of this acrylic copolymer sealant is that it can be applied the same day that the concrete is poured as long as the surface is hard enough to walk on without leaving footprints. With other types of sealants, you must wait until the concrete has cured at least 28 days.

Our “Same Day Seal” Is Suitable for Interior and Exterior Uses

Due to the fact that it has good UV stability, you can use this sealant on both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. The sun’s rays will not cause degradation to happen to this sealant.

It Makes Your Concrete Surfaces Water Resistant

Unsealed concrete is susceptible to water damage since it is highly porous and absorbs moisture. Sealing it with “Same Day Seal” creates a non-porous surface on the concrete that water cannot seep through, and as a result, your concrete will not crumble or crack from exposure to rain, snow, ice or other sources of water.

Reduces Efflorescence

Concrete that is unsealed can develop a white powdery substance that is called efflorescence. It is caused from vapour moving up through the slab and bringing soluble salts with it to the surface of the concrete. Efflorescence is unattractive and the salts may further damage the concrete if not removed. An application of our “Same Day Seal” will reduce the risk of this happening.

Lowers the Risk of Tyre Marking from Vehicle Traffic

This sealant also reduces the risk of tyre marking from cars, trucks or other types of vehicle traffic. The last thing that you want to see is tread marks on your concrete driveway.

Provides Concrete Surfaces with Good Abrasion Resistance

Another benefit of this sealant is the resistance it provides your concrete against abrasion from rough objects or dropped objects. This helps your concrete surfaces retain their attractiveness and durable condition longer in comparison to being unsealed.

Aids in the Curing Process of the Concrete

One last advantage about this sealant that we must mention is that it helps the concrete cure properly. Whatever the surface is that contains the concrete, it will cure faster and with fewer issues after an application of this sealant.

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