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Benefits of Decorative Surfaces for Your Driveway’s Curb Appeal

22 April 2020

One thinks about concrete surfaces and the first thing that comes to the mind is the drab and dreary gray shade without any patterns or visual hues. As a result, these public areas remain what they are – dull slabs to stone that offer zero aesthetic appeal. However constant innovation in new age concrete overlay technology has changed this perception for the better and brought about the advent of decorative concrete surfaces. We now see beautifully designed public areas like driveways, sidewalks, median intersections, and crosswalks. The curb appeal of such areas has gone up tremendously. With a range of design, patterns, colours, and textures now possible on the pavements, the people using these streets too appreciate the bright look radiate by these surfaces. Below are the benefits of decorative surfaces for your driveway’s curb appeal.

Decorative Surfaces Add Durability to the Driveway

The concrete surface treatments are known to provide a higher level of durability to asphalt or concrete surfaces on which they are applied. In addition to the rugged functionality, the contractors use this material to enhance the overall look and appearance of the concrete surfaces.

Decorative Surfaces are Both Appealing and Functional

The choice of creating an almost limitless number of combinations of textures, shades, patterns, and hues makes an ideal selection among new age innovative contractors who wish to replicate the aesthetic effect of sculptured stones with decorative concrete surfaces. The ultra thin durable coating that was environmentally friendly and stable, economical. It also provides other advantages. It has the capability to increase friction and in addition to offering an eye-pleasing finishing look to the pavement.

Decorative Surfaces are Cost-Effective

From a cost perspective too, such decorative surfacing solutions can add immense value. Decorative concrete tends to be relatively inexpensive than that natural stones used in flooring. As such, it emerges as a cost efficient material that can provide the added advantage of a visually stunning surface complete with intricate designs and textures on it. The soothing finish makes the surface highly appealing to those who use the paved structure every day. It also adds a touch of finesse to an otherwise dull looking gray concrete surface on public areas like roads and highways. The long lasting durability and its ability to withstand high foot traffic is another plus point that makes these decorative concrete surfaces a must-have for many public areas like intersections and sidewalks.

Know more decorative surfaces from Auseal-Curite. We have been in business in the Dandenong region of Melbourne for many years, specialising in developing and manufacturing a wide range of unique coatings and decorative surfaces for concrete floors. Our product range covers several different types of coatings, with some ideal for interior sealed coatings in warehouse structures, whilst others have been formulated to improve the appearance and wearing properties of domestic driveways.


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