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Basic Concrete Walkway Maintenance Tips Using Auseal-Curite Products

25 July 2022

Walkways are often picked by many property owners in enhancing their properties as they play a significant role in maintaining the safety and mobility of their occupants as well as their neighbours. With the addition of these outdoor features, the number of roadway and pedestrian crashes and accidents is expected to go down significantly.

Many materials can be used in constructing walkways. But one material that is popular among contractors is concrete. Concrete walkways are picked by contractors and property owners like you since they are durable, appealing, and long-lasting. Despite these qualities, they must still be maintained regularly to prevent causing issues. Some concrete walkway maintenance tips that you should do are as follows.

Perform Regular Cleaning

One of the tips you must do to maintain your concrete walkway is to clean it regularly. Your walkway will always be utilised by people who are walking toward your property. At times, it can also be used by other people when walking around your neighbourhood. As they pass by, they often leave some dirt and debris from their shoes. They might even leave some stains and spills if they accidentally drop their food or drinks. Cleaning your walkway, therefore, can remove all the dirt, debris, stains, and spills on its surface. You can do this by pressure washing or utilising special cleaning chemicals.

Apply a Sealant Again

Your concrete walkway is often finished off with a sealant once the concrete has been poured and set. The primary purpose of the sealant is to prevent the surface from obtaining stains. This specific layer of sealant, however, may wear down after numerous years due to exposure to weather conditions. Given this fact, you must ensure that your concrete walkways will be re-sealed again with the sealant. With the right sealant, you can expect your walkway to resist harsh elements, traffic, and general wear.

Avoid De-icing Chemicals

Some walkways may be filled with ice on cold days. And as a remedy, property owners would attempt to remove them by utilising de-icing chemicals. If you want to preserve the quality of your concrete walkway, you must not follow these property owners. De-icing chemicals, after all, will not be great for your concrete driveway as they would force the thawing and refreezing of moisture, damaging it along the way. Cracks may likewise develop if you will be utilising these chemicals on your concrete walkway. One alternate option that you can do is to utilise sand for traction.

Retain Surface Integrity

One more thing that you must do to maintain your concrete driveway is to retain its surface integrity. Property owners often believe that their outdoor features can easily withstand any force they will be applying to their surfaces. But in reality, they can still be damaged with repeated force and pressure. So, to maintain the structural integrity of your concrete driveway, you must keep your sharp tools away from its surface. You must also limit the number of equipment pieces and machines that may pass through it. Ultimately, you must prevent water from accumulating on its surface.

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