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Basic Care and Maintenance Guide for Decorative Concrete Floors

24 May 2021

Now that you have your decorative concrete floor protected with a high-quality coating, you need to ensure that you maintain it in the proper manner. If you fail to do so, your floor will lose its attractive, durable finish. It will wind up dull and inadequate to protect your floor effectively. To help you learn how to care for your concrete floor coating correctly, we provide you with the following best practices.

Sweep Your Decorative Concrete Floor Daily to Remove Dirt, Grit and Debris

To keep your floor free of debris, dirt and grit, sweep your concrete floor as many times each day as necessary. All of these elements turn into abrasive materials with foot, vehicle or equipment traffic. By sweeping when needed, you prevent scratches from occurring.

Scrub the Floor With a Soft-Bristled Brush and a Mild Detergent Solution

When scrubbing is needed, perform it with a mild detergent solution and a soft bristled brush. Power washing also is an improved method of cleaning large concrete floors that have proper drainage built in. Always avoid acidic cleaning solutions those since they can negatively react with the decorative concrete floor’s coating.

Rinse Decorative Concrete Floor Thoroughly after Scrubbing to Prevent a Residue from Forming

After scrubbing your coated concrete floor, always rinse it thoroughly with clear water to ensure that there is no detergent residue to cloud its appearance. Do not skimp on the water for this step.

Address Spills Immediately

Remove all spills immediately to prevent them from staining your concrete floor coating. This goes for food, gasoline, oil and other types of spills. Use the blotting method for absorbing the spills along with a soft cloth or paper towels. Once you eliminate the spills, mop and rinse the area.

Use the Appropriate Cleaners to Remove Stains

In the event stains happen, remove them with the appropriate cleaner. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that your cleaner is ideal for your specific coating.

Reapply Decorative Concrete Floor Coating Whenever Necessary

Over the years, you will most likely need to resurface your floor and reapply the coating. Perform this action as soon as you notice that the coating is showing a bit of wear.

With the above proper care, your decorative concrete floor coating will last to its expected lifespan. For further tips on protecting your concrete factory floor with a coating, consult with our company of Auseal-Curite. We specialise in manufacturing a wide assortment of high-quality, durable and innovative decorative surfaces and protective coatings for concrete floors. Our company offers some that are ideal for only indoor use along with other ones that also are suitable for outdoor applications.


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