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Auseal Curite Products Can Help in Your Concrete Garage and Driveway Maintenance

26 April 2022

From the buildings themselves to outdoor features, a wide array of construction materials is being utilised to complete them. One material that is often used by contractors is concrete.

Concrete is a well-known construction material that is comprised of aggregate, cement, and water. The aggregate utilised for concrete, which may be filled with sand or gravel, is popular for being hard and chemically inert. What is great about concrete is that it is economical, versatile, and efficient. It is also durable and long-lasting due to its resistance to water and high temperature.

One great application of concrete is the construction of garages and driveways. Given the benefits of concrete, these outdoor features are expected to be strong, appealing, and long-lasting. However, they must still be maintained optimally for them to retain their properties. Here are some maintenance tips that you can do with them as well as the best AusealCurite products for some maintenance tasks.

Clean the Surfaces

One maintenance tip that you can do to preserve the qualities of your concrete garage and driveway is to clean their surfaces. The frequency of their cleaning depends heavily on the surrounding weather conditions as well as the amount of their exposure to vehicle traffic. Usually, they must be cleaned regularly to prevent dirt and dust from building up and ruining their appeal.

Apply a Sealer

Aside from cleaning, you must reseal your concrete garage and driveway to ensure that their surfaces will have natural protection against damaging elements. Optimally, your concrete garage and driveway must be applied with a sealer every two years. However, you may also want to reseal them once their surfaces have attained some noticeable wear.

A wide array of sealing products from us at AusealCurite can be picked. AUSEAL – EC25 and AUSEAL – EC30, for instance, are sealing products that can protect your garage and driveway from damage and provide them with a medium gloss finish.

Remove Stains

Sealers are intended to protect your garage and driveway from absorbing stains. But as a property owner, you must still remove grease, gasoline, oil, and other spills from these surfaces as quickly as you can. These products, after all, can discolour your outdoor feature surfaces after a short time. Once your garage and driveway have discoloured, you must pressure wash their surfaces and utilise cleaning chemicals so that their stains will be removed.

Maximise Optimally

One more way to maintain your garage and driveway is to use them optimally. Treating them with care can help their materials retain their qualities for a long time. While concrete is known to sustain the heavy load of most vehicles, it still has a maximum load weight that must always be followed. Hence, if you are thinking of bringing in heavy vehicles or equipment pieces, you must still know their weight first. You must also avoid using metal blades or tools when ploughing your driveway to prevent scratching them.

To know more about our sealing products, you can call us at AusealCurite.

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