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Auseal Blend Xylene: Ideal for Cleaning Spray Equipment, Broom Heads and Rollers and for Other Uses

18 March 2019

Auseal Blend Xylene is a solvent that is ideal for thinning solvent-based sealers, and also it is an effective cleaner for broom heads, rollers and spray equipment that are used in the application of these sealers. Along with these functions, this solvent will soak out oil and grease stains from the concrete floors to prepare them properly for sealing.

Information about the Contents and Appearance of Auseal Blend Xylene

This solvent is a low-viscous liquid, which means that it flows as easily as water does during its various functions. Also, it is clear and colourless. Its active ingredients are benzene and ethyl-Xylene, and it is considered a category-three flammable liquid.

Applications for Auseal Blend Xylene

You can use this solvent to thin down any solvent-based resin product, including the sealers from Auseal-Curite. The thinning down is necessary at times to lower the viscosity of the resin product while at other times, you may need to thin it to help it penetrate the substrate in the ideal fashion. In addition to its thinning ability, this solvent is effective at cleaning your spray equipment, rollers and broom heads. With the spray equipment, you can run the solvent through it to clean it thoroughly. Prior to applying a sealer to your concrete flooring, you must remove all grease and oil stains from it, and this is yet another function that Auseal Blend Xylene is efficient performing for you.

Some Items Will Suffer Damage from Contact with This Solvent 

• Do not use this product on any material, such as plastics, that will be negatively affected by exposure to it.
• This solvent is not suitable for polished, varnished, lacquered or painted surfaces.
• Never use this solvent on vinyl, carpeted, wood or other flooring that may suffer damage from it.
• Avoid exposing glazed products to this solvent.

Handle with Care

As with all flammable solvents, you need to handle Auseal Blend Xylene with care. The following are some of the hazards you can face if you fail to do so:

• The solvent’s liquid form and its vapours are flammable, so do not use around flame or spark sources.
• Wear proper face protection to keep from inhaling the vapours or fumes, and do not swallow since both can lead to fatal results. At the very least, inhaling the fumes will cause dizziness and drowsiness. In addition to protective gear, always apply the solvent in a well-ventilated area.
• Skin contact with Auseal Blend Xylene can cause irritations and other skin issues.
• Repeated or prolonged exposure might cause organ damage.

*Note:Additional safety information is available here.

For additional facts about Auseal Blend Xylene and why it is ideal for cleaning spray equipment, broom heads and rollers along with its other uses, consult with our highly skilled staff members here at Auseal-Curite. At the same time, ask about our many sealers and decorative coatings for concrete floors.

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