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Auseal Blend Solvent Available at Auseal-Curite: Top 4 Uses of Xylene

09 June 2022

Various chemicals and compounds are being utilised today in making useful products for households and businesses. One of the chemicals that are beneficial nowadays is xylene.

Xylene is an organic and volatile hydrocarbon known for its sweet yet sickly odour. This chemical has been useful for generating many family products, medicine, and dentistry tools. However, it is fully maximised in generating lubricants, thinners in painting, and cleaning solutions. Although its odour can be sweet, people are advised to avoid inhaling xylene products to prevent health hazards.

Primary Uses of Xylene

The properties of xylene make it very useful in many uses and applications. Here are the top four uses of xylene that make it beneficial to many households and businesses.

  1. Concrete Sealer: Many construction projects today rely on concrete due to its durability, longevity, and appeal. But to ensure that they can last for a long time, they must be covered with concrete sealer. Xylene, fortunately, is a reliable sealer solvent, making it effective in concrete sealing.
  2. Lubricant: Xylene is not only notable for being a sealer solvent, but it is also known for being a reliable lubricant. The lubricant-related properties of xylene make it useful in brake fluid and motor oils. Industries can even use xylene in producing gum and leather thanks to its strong solvent characteristics. Xylene can also be used in producing tobacco, petrol, adhesives, and sealants.
  3. Paint: Another top use of xylene is it can be utilised for producing paint-related products. Enamels, thinning paints, alkyd resins, and varnishes can all maximise xylene to make these products effective. Xylene is often utilised as a thinner for these painting products as it evaporates slower than others.
  4. Tissue Processing: One more great use of xylene is it can help in processing and staining tissues. Xylene has high miscibility with paraffin, which is necessary for fixed tissues. Once tissues are subjected to xylene, they can become transparent. It can also get rid of remnant wax from the slides. For this application, histopathology technicians can fully utilise the chemical.

Using Xylene Properly

When maximising xylene, one should ensure that precautionary measures will be taken. For instance, in case of a xylene leak or spill, they must vacate the affected area immediately until it is removed by professionals. Xylene must also be far from any source of ignition like hot surfaces, open flames, sparks, and static discharge. Smoking near xylene must likewise be prohibited.

Auseal Blend Solvent

If you want a thinner for your solvent-based sealer, you must opt for our very own Auseal Blend Solvent. We, at Auseal-Curite, offer this product for those who will be cleaning their machinery and applicators. It can also be utilised to clean concrete sealers and prepare them for sealing. It can even soak out grease and oil stains from concrete before sealing it.

Remember, however, to not use this product on plastics or surfaces affected by solvents, polished, varnished, lacquered, and painted surfaces, carpets, vinyl, and glazed products.

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