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A Guide to Decorative Surfaces for Concrete Floors: Know What’s Right for You

28 February 2020

Not many are aware that concrete floors offer more than just functionality – they too provide a certain kind aesthetic appeal with the right decorative surfaces. Decorative surfaces for concrete floors have gained popularity in residential, commercial and industrial spaces due to its ability to be both affordable and low-maintenance. And to top it all, decorative surfaces are also able to transform floor areas into a sight that is pleasing to look at. Below is a guide in choosing a decorative surface for your concrete floor.

Stained Concrete Floor

In many cases, home and business owners choose stained concrete because it gives the surface a luxurious and rich appearance that looks organic. Due to each slab’s natural variations, no two floors will look the same, even when using a product in the same shade, making these floors quite unique. Testing a colour in an inconspicuous spot is often recommended to get the exact shade you desire. You can even use multiple colours of stain in one space, layer different stains in one area and layer stains with dyes—the possibilities are practically endless.

There are two types of stains, namely acid-based chemical stains and water-based acrylics. Both types of stains can transform a space, and have superior wear resistance and UV stability. These stains can be applied to a new concrete slab or existing floors. Some residential applications for stained concrete include kitchen counters, patios, walkways, driveways, family rooms, fireplaces, walls and ceilings.

Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors are not just attractive—they are environmentally friendly. Concrete is UV resistant, meaning that natural light that hits the concrete will brighten up any room, and in turn, bring down your electricity bill. This is especially helpful in areas of the home that may not get enough lighting, such as the garage. The resistance to UV rays also means that the colour of your decorative concrete flooring won’t fade over time due to damage from the sun like you might experience with hardwood floors.

However, polished concrete can become quite slippery when it’s wet, especially since concrete is moisture-proof and won’t absorb anything that happens to be spilled on its surface. Depending on what type of traffic it sees, your polished concrete floor might also need resealing from time to time as part of your long-term maintenance. Luckily, the benefits of polished concrete floors far outweigh the drawbacks. When compared with other popular types of flooring, polished concrete floors are a highly affordable, stylish, eco-friendly choice.

For further facts about the right decorative surface options for your concrete flooring, consult with Auseal-Curite. We specialise in manufacturing decorative surfaces and unique coatings for concrete floors.

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