Expoze High Tech Concrete Surface Retarder

Expoze is a unique product that simplifies the task of providing an attractive exposed aggregate finish to driveways, swimming pools, patios and paths without reducing the strength of the finished surface.

EXPOZE High Tech Concrete Surface Retarder is designed to expose aggregate in freshly poured concrete by delaying the surface set off time typically 12 – 24 hours depending on the concrete type, temperature, humidity and wind conditions.  EXPOZE High Tech Concrete Surface Retarder works by combining with the surface of the wet cement to delay normal set time on freshly poured concrete.  It is made from all natural ingredients and is suitable for all natural aggregates.


  • Water based yellow colouring makes it easy to ensure even application.
  • Ready to use stable water based technology.
  • Superior results.
  • Economical.
  •  Odourless.
  • Non Polluting.
  •  All Natural ingredients.
  • Does not compromise the final strength of the concrete.
  • Anti corrosive.
  • Suitable for all natural aggregates.
  • Enviromentally friendly.
  • Safe & Non Toxic.


Apply in neat form with a suitable pressure sprayer (garden type pump) once the initial bleed has occurred at the rate of 300 – 400 ml per sq. metre.  More maybe required.  Site test to determine.  Protect the concrete from the rain, and the dust and dirt as these conditions will reduce the retardation process.  In hot or windy conditions and these.


Depending on conditions typically 12 – 24 hours after application of EXPOZE , simply hose and or pressure wash using a 3000 – 4000 psi water blaster, to reveal the attractive exposed aggregate finish to Driveways, Swimming Pools, patios, Paths etc.  EXPOZE is also able to be removed the same day if the concrete allows.  Site test to determine timing of removal process.  After washing off the EXPOZE Concrete Surface Retarder normal setting continues without compromising the strength of the concrete.


Seal with Auseal – Curite EC25 Clear Sealer as soon as the exposed concrete is dry, to help cure and protect the exposed concrete surface.


When stored correctly in unopened drums the product shelf life is normally 12 months.


EXPOZE High Tech Concrete Surface Retarder is supplied in 20 litre poly drums. Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet before handling or use.


Spray equipment and tools should be thoroughly washed with water after use.  Any left over EXPOZE product should not be returned to the container.


  1. Site test to determine, actual site conditions.
  2. Do not pour any unused EXPOZE back into the drum.
  3. MSDS are available on our website. Ensure you have read the Technical Data Sheet, MSDS and the information on the label carefully before using EXPOZE .
  4. EXPOZE High Tech Concrete Surface Retarder is a stable water based product that should be stored out of direct heat and extreme temperatures.
  5. Be sure to apply EXPOZE evenly to ensure uniform surface after removal of EXPOZE.

The information and recommendation contained herein are based on data believed to be correct at this time.  However no guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied is made with respect to the information contained herein.

Click here for the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product